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Product Photography

What’s Involved?

Capturing images of your products can be either a collaborative experience or a straightforward drop-off or mail-in process. I recognize that some clients are very creative and enjoy being involved in the process, while others prefer to leave the project entirely in the hands of my photography team.

Every product shoot I undertake is meticulously tailored to deliver optimal outcomes for your business and brand. I also offer the flexibility of remote shooting, allowing me to set up in your warehouse, office, or even at your home.

Project Brief

Free 30 minute consultation by phone or Zoom.

Project Planning

The first stage of the process requires detailed planning. This process can save us on time and cost, as I can help you better prepare for an efficient product photoshoot. 

Execution and Post

Photoshoots can range between 4 to 12 hours per day, as needed. Each photoshoot comes with complimentary enhancement editing in Adobe Lightroom, for clarity, sharpness, color balancing and other general enhancements. 


How do you determine the cost of a photoshoot?

Photoshoots typically range from 4 hours to max 12 hours per day, including set up time. Through our free consultation over the phone, I can give you my honest opinion on how many hours your photoshoot should take.

Can I ship my products to you?
Yes, you can mail or deliver your products and we can execute the photoshoot based on our consultation and project planning.
Can you shoot at my location?
Yes, many of my clients have larger products or a high volume of SKU’s. It may better suit you if I come to your location to set up a photoshoot.
How soon can I get my images?
After your photoshoot, enhancement of the images will begin the next day. Depending on your needs, we can expedite delivery of the images as soon as next day.
Can you photoshop the label and fix imperfections?
Yes, I often am asked to photograph products that aren’t 100% complete or are undergoing a label change. There are many methods to get around this, including the use of photoshop.

Contact Me

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I’d love to know what kind of images you are looking to capture.

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