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Event Photography

What’s Involved?

Photographing events is one of Noel’s main specialties. With hundreds of events under his belt, Noel has photographed all types of events of all sizes. From large scale corporate events, to celebrations, to big life moments, he will ensure your event gets the coverage required to capture every moment.

“Every event I undertake, I meticulously plan to deliver optimal outcomes for your business or personal celebration. I am able to acquire multiple photographers or videographers if necessary for your event.”

Project Brief

Free 30 minute consultation by phone or Zoom.

Project Planning

The first stage of the process requires detailed planning. This process can save us on time and cost, as I can help you better prepare for an efficient photoshoot. 

Execution and Post

Photoshoots can range between 4 to 12 hours per day, as needed. Each photoshoot comes with complimentary enhancement editing in Adobe Lightroom, for clarity, sharpness, color balancing and other general enhancements. 


How do you determine the cost of a photoshoot?

Photoshoots typically range from 4 hours to max 12 hours per day, including set up time. Through our free consultation over the phone, I can give you my honest opinion on how many hours your photoshoot should take.

How many images will I receive?
Typically when shooting an event, you can expect between 200-1500 images, depending on the event. You’ll get every image we capture in high resolution digital download.
Do you shoot video as well?
Yes, depending on what you’re looking to capture with video, I can capture both photos and videos by assigning extra creative professionals or multitasking to get both media types.
How soon can I get my images?
After your photoshoot, enhancement of the images will begin the next day. Depending on your needs, we can expedite delivery of the images as soon as next day.
Do you edit the images?
Yes, every event will undergo some enhancement editing to ensure your images are color balanced, exposed correctly, and other general enhancements.

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